Your Native village - Composition or Essay for JSC & SSC Exam

My Native village
Introduction: The name of our village is Caupalli. It is a renowned village in the district of Lakshmipur. It bears the testimony to rich heritage of the glorious past. Nature has adorned her with green trees and meadows. The beautiful scenes and the natural environment feed the eyes of the viewers. To me it is the happy land of dream.

a. Site and situation:- Our native village stands in the district of Lakshmipur. Its land area is about four square kilometers with the vast green field on all sides. Two semi-pucca high roads run through the village leading their destinations to all directions. The houses stand like vigilant guards on the either side of the roads. The green trees and plants in the village are all the more charming. A small river has increased the beauty of our village.
b. Life and occupation of the villagers:- Nearly three thousand people live in our village. Most of them are Muslims with only a few families of Hindus. Both the Hindus and the Muslims live together in peace here. The villagers are simple, innocent and free from modern vices. Most of them belong to middle class. Agriculture is the main occupation of the villagers. About 80% of people are agriculturists. Some traders, service holders, lowers, doctors, and teachers also live here. Most of the villagers are active and energetic. They always try to develop the village in order to make it an ideal one.

c. Educational institutions, Markets and other institutions:- We have some amenities of modern life here. We have, for example, three primary schools, One Boys’ High School, One Girl’s High School, One Dakhil Madrasah and a post office. All of which are located at the centre at of the village. A market also stands in the middle of the village where the necessaries of our daily life are available.

d. Communication:- The means of communication of our village is highly developed. A semi pucca road runs though the village linking the inter-district road that leads to different directions to other districts. One can easily go along this road to the district town and the nearest railway station Chaomuhani. Within the village there are about 10 kilometers of semi pucca roads connected with five cyclone centers, market and educational institutions.

e. Climate:- The climate of our village is moderate. It is quite congenial to the health of the people all the year. So, most of the people of our village are healthy.

Conclusion: I am very proud of my village. It is an ideal village in Bangladesh. The villagers live here in peace and amity. I often go to my village though I live Dhaka. My village, to me, is the sweetest place on the earth. I have a great love and affection for it.
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