English Second (2nd) Paper Suggestion for S.S.C Exam 2014-2015 Bangladesh

Students need the suggestion of English Second paper for taking a quick preparation for the secondary school certificate (S.S.C) examination. The students who have already finished the course of board exam 2014, this suggestion must help them to build a strong confidence. The questions of this suggestion are most important for all education board of Bangladesh. Go through all the questions leaving the previous year’s one.
Composition writing
Paragraph writing
  1. A railway station/a bus stand
  2. A street hawker
  3. Deforestation/tree plantation
  4. Early rising
  5. The 21st February
  6. Environment pollution
  7. Your national flag
  8. Your mother
  9. A fisherman
  10. A book fair
Application writing
  • Write an application to the chairman for sinking a deep tube-well for safe water.
  • Application for opening a debating/canteen.
  • Application to the headmaster praying for TC
  • Application for testimonial
  • For full free studentship/help from the poor fund/stipend.
  • Application to headmaster for praying for admission
  • Application for relief goods and medical aids to the flood victims.
  • To headmaster praying for a seat in the hostel
  • For repairing the damaged roads/construction a bridge.
Summary writing
  1. People say, 'Health is wealth'--------have patience and respect for other people’s feeling.
  2. The secret of success-------of time.
  3. We have plenty of water around us but do not know what water is drink---------need to know.
  4. Patriotism is a love for country--------war and suffering.
  5. Traffic jam is a common---------extant.
  6. Sincerity is the root of success--------our work.
  7. Air is an important element--------happier.
  8. Good manners form an important---------sense of the term.
  9. Sports are popular---------Way.
  10. Newspaper plays a vital role in modern civilization-----bad ones.
  11. It is not good for man that his life should be all joy------ kind and gracious.
  12. Education------------wrong way.
  13. Man cannot buy happiness--------his happiness.
  14. The use of English as the common language------these standards.
Dialogue writing
  1. A dialogue between you and your friend about the mobile phone
  2. Write a dialogue between doctor and patient.
  3. You and your friend about preparation for the SSC exam.
  4. between you and your friend about bad sides of illiteracy and how to eradicate it.
  5. you and your friend about your plan after the SSC Exam.
  6. you and your friend about importance of reading newspaper or books
  7. A dialogue between salesman and customer.
  8. you and your friend about load shedding 
  9. you and your friend about importance of tree plantation.
  10. you and your friend about water/air pollution
  11. A dialogue between you and your friend about the aim in life.
  12. you and your friend about your future plan after the publication of school.
  1. Story:- Once a lion was sleeping in a forest. Suddenly a mouse-----
  2. There lived a saint in a forest. He was very kind-----------
  3. One day two rats found a loaf------------
  4. Story:- A Shepherd boy----------none came.
  5. An old farmer had three sons. They used to quarrel-----------
  6. Story:- Bayazid was a small boy-------------
  7. Once there were a hare and tortoise----------------
  8. There lived a farmer in a village. He had a wonderful goose------------
  9. Once there lived a poor wood cutter-------------
  10. Story:- Once there lived a middle-aged------------------
  11. On a summer day, a crow got very thirsty------------
  12. Story:- There lived clever fox in a jungle. One day he tells--------
If any students try to finish their preparation only studying the above questions, it is enough for them facing the education board S.S.C / Dakhil examination 2014. Students of Dhaka, Rajshahi, Comilla, Barisal, sylhet, Jessore, Chittagong board can also follow this suggestion leaving the previous year’s question.
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