English first paper suggestion for J.S.C exam 2013-2014 Bangladesh

Letters/Application/Composition/Stories/Comprehensions Suggestion for JSC Exam  
Here is an ideal suggestion for the junior school certificate (J.S.C) Examination 2013-2014 BD. If students try to take preparation according to this suggestion they will be get maximum common questions in the exam. Because these are most important letters/application/composition/stories/comprehensions suggestion for all education board of Bangladesh. In every J.S.C examination, student can start their study according to this suggestion. Just avoid the previous year questions. But remember that…….the more you read the more you learn. So every students need to study more taking a better preparation for their board exam. They should also follow the suggestion of their respective school.
Letters Suggestion
01. To your friend thanking for sending a wonderful birthday gift
02. To your friend inviting to attend your birthday party
03. About your aim in life
04. Describing a picnic/study tour
05. Thanking for hospitality
06. About how to improve English
07. Inviting to attend your birthday party
08. About a street accident that you have witnessed
09. Letter inviting to join a picnic
10. Letter describing the importance of physical exercise
11. Congratulating on brilliant success
12. About preparation for the ensuing JSC exam
13. Letter describing the importance of learning English
14. Condolence at the sudden death of your friend’s father
15. About what you intend to do during summer vacation
16. Letter advising to be punctual/ serious to studies
17. Describing the importance of reading books
18. Letter describing the importance of reading newspaper

Applications Suggestion
01. Write an application to the headmaster of your school for T.C
02. To the headmaster of your school for morning school.
03. For permission to arrange a study tour
04. For setting up a common room/ literary club/English language club
05. To the headmaster for a seat in hostel
06. For help from the poor fund/stipend or a full free studentship
07. To the headmaster of your school for readmission
08. Write an application to the chairman for the construction of a bridge
09. An application to the chairman for sinking tube well in your locality
09. To the headmaster for opening a debating club

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Compositions Suggestion
The duties of student
Stories Suggestion
01. One summer day, a crow got very thirsty……..
02. Once upon a time, two friends were walking through a forest…
03. Once in a very hot day a fox came to a vineyard where.....
04. Two cats stole a piece of cake…
05. A shepherd/cowboy……
06. Every morning she laid…
07. There lived a farmer in a village. He had a wonderful goose…
08. Robert Bruce………………
09. The hare laughed……
10. A farmer had three sons……
11. One day a hare met a tortoise on the way……
12. The goose…………
13. There lived a wood cutter in a village……
14. One day a lion was sleeping in its cave……
Comprehensions Suggestion
01. Bangladeshi cuisine ………………..people
02. Oxygen and air pressure are ………enjoyable flight
03. A six year-old boy from……on our website
04. The ethnic people in Bangladesh………in Mymensingh
05. The Falcon hypersonic …….days to come
06. Communication of ideas is at …..changed our life
07. At the farthest corner……in nature
08. Most of these ethnic……for them
09. The word ‘hygiene’ means
10. Nakshi Katha……… on them
11. With only 2,500…… in 2012
12. River gypsies in Bangladesh …in some areas
13. Ms Subarna shaha ……
14. Human beings conquered……a major accident
15. River gypsies are……… Special power
Student of all education board including Dhaka, Chittagong, Dinajpur, Barisal, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Comilla, Jessore can take a nice preparation according to this suggestion. To take preparation for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 etc jsc Exam, just leave the previous year questions. Here is the way of checking the J.S.C examination result of all education board, Bangladesh. Students should know the process.
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