Solution of Social Islami Bank Recruitment test Questions(English Part)

Social Islami Bank Limitted Bangladesh
Written Test for Recruitment of Trainee Officer 2010
=>English Part <=
I. (Q. 1-4): Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer form the given alternatives.[1.5 * 4 = 6]
The right of all people to self-determination is longer a matter of opinion. It is an established fact which the United Nations Charter recognizes and which has been accepted by its member nations. Freedom is not a prize to be offered for good behavior or a commodity to be withheld for the pleasure or the profit of the ruler. If the word is to have any meaning it cannot be denied to any position of the world’s people for any reason whatsoever. The tremendous revolution that is stirring Asia and Africa has at last given the people of these mighty continents the opportunity of expressing themselves with newly-found confidence and dignity and they will be satisfied with nothing less than their birth right. This is not the time when any men can ride astride another or be his master. It is time to bury false notions of prestige and act in terms of human welfare. We make a plea for the peaceful and friendly solution of this problem so that bitterness may cease and the dark shadow of conflict which threatens may be lifted. There is no alternative to co-existence by tragedy-tragedy as devastating for the powerful as the number nations.

1. The main idea of the passage is— 
a. Right of self-determination is an accepted fact.
b. Freedom, the birth, should be granted to Asian and African countries in a peaceful manner. 
c. A great revolution is stirring Asia and Africa. 
d. Alternative to co-existence is co-destruction. 
Answer: a. Right of self-determination is an accepted fact.

2. The most appropriate title for the passage is— 
a. Freedom, the birth right of man.
b. Resurgence of Asia and Africa. 
c. Importance of freedom and Asian, African countries. 
d. United Nation’s Charter and freedom. 
Answer: a. Freedom, the birth right of man.

3. The attitude of the writer towards the subject is that of a--- 
a. Fascist 
b. Imperialist 
c. Pacifist
d. Rationalist 
Answer: c. Pacifist

4. The author has NOT said— 
a. U.N. Charter recognizes the right of self determination. 
b. Asian and African countries are demanding their birthright i.e. freedom. 
c. There is a threat of conflict.
d. Right to self-determination is a national concept 
Answer: c. There is a threat of conflict.

II.(Q.5-9): Choose the most suitable 'one word' for following phrases/expressions.[1*5=5] 

5. A funny imitation of a poem— 
a. Counterfeit 
b. Sonnet 
c. Caricature 
d. Parody
Answer: d. Parody 

6. To do away with a rule— 
a. Cancel 
b. Repeal 
c. Obliterate 
d. Abrogate
Answer: d. Abrogate

7. The break off proceedings of a meeting for a time— 
a. Convene 
b. Terminate 
c. Adjourn]
d. Procrastinate
Answer: c. Adjourn

8. One who is neither intelligent nor dull? 
a. Tolerable 
b. Commoner 
c. Mediocre 
d. Diligent 
Answer: c. Mediocre

9. One who resides in a country of which he is not a citizen— 
a. Alien 
b. Native 
c. Foreigner 
d. Prodigal 
Answer: c. Foreigner 

III. (Q. 10-14): In each of the following questions, pick up the choice which is most opposite in meaning of the word italicized bold in the sentence. [1*5=5]

10. As long as he remained in that office, he maintained his hegemony. 
a. Predominance 
b. poverty. 
c. subordination
d. chaos 
Answer: c. subordination

11. Expediency in the guiding factor in polities. 
a. Novelty 
b. Short-sightedness 
c. Unsuitability (Ans) 
d. Inconvenience 
Answer: c. Unsuitability

12. He has been acquitted of the charge of theft. 
a. punished 
b. convicted
c. released 
d. exonerated 
Answer: b. convicted

13. His conduct on the stage was applauded unanimously. 
a. booed (Ans) 
b. silenced 
c. hated 
d. disturbed 
Answer: a. booed 

14. Her debonair manners were noticed by everyone present in the city. 
a. stiff 
b. cheerless
c. courteous 
d. pleasant 
Answer: b. cheerless

IV. (Q. 15-18): Each of the following sentences is divided into five parts A, B, C, D and E. Point out which part is grammatically incorrect. If there is no mistake mark E. [1*4=4]

15. (a)Neither of the plans (b) suit him and therefore (c-ans) he decided not (d) to go out yeaterday. (e) No error 
Correction: suit him and therefore 

16. (a) After the allotted (b-ans) time was over (c) they torn (d) the paper which they had used. (e) No error. 
Correction: time had been over 

17.(a) When the thief (b) entered the house, (c) the watchman on duty (d) was fat aslept.(e) No error 
Correction: was sleep. 

18. (a) Good people will make good laws (b) but good laws passed by a few (c) does not necessarily make (d) a good society. (e) No error 
Correction: do not necessarily make. 

V. Translate the following passage into English. [5 marks]
বাজারে পন্যের দাম বাড়ার কতগুলো সাধারণ অর্থনৈতিক নিয়ম রয়েছে কিন্ত আমাদের দেশে প্রায়ই নিয়মের বাইরে অনেক  পন্যের দাম অসাভাবিক ভাবেবেড়ে যায় এর অন্যতম কারণ হতে পারে  বাজারে পণ্য সরবরাহে  কৃতিম ঘাটতি  সৃষ্টি করা যদি  কোনো কারণে পণ্য সরবরাহে এরূপ  কৃতিম ঘাটতি  সৃষ্টি করা হয় তাহলে  তা  মোকাবেলার জন্য কার্যকর ব্যাসথা  গ্রহণ করা  অবস্যই কর্তব্য বাজার নিয়ন্ত্রণ  করার ক্ষেত্রে  আইনগত  কোনো সীমাবদ্ধতা  থাকলে তা সমধান করাও একান্ত প্রয়োজন
There are some common economic rules for rising price of commodities in the market. But in our country price of many commodities increases abnormally out of any rules. One of the main reasons can be the creation of artificial shortage in the supply of goods in the market. Effective measures must be taken to combat fake deficiency if arise in the product supply. It is also necessary to solve legal limitations, if exists, to control market mechanism. 

VI. Write a short note on ‘Banking for the poor’  [7.5 mark]
VII. Write a letter to your friend describing your future career plan.  [7.5 mark]
219/A, Babur Road
Dhaka, 30.06.2013
My Dear M....
I was very glad to receive your letter yesterday just after my return from university. It gladdens my heart that you have expressed your keen desire to know about my future career plan. Yes, my dear friend, you may be astonished to know that I want to be banker. But why I have taken this decision? Now I am going to describe about my decision. You may know that people are not same in their quality and competence. Thus, they also are not indifferent to all the careers in society. Because, all the careers are not equally suitable, even attainable for all the people. In this regard, choosing banking as a career is not an exception. As a career, it has both advantages and disadvantages. Bankers work in the bank from dawn to dusk. Although there is time schedule of their duty, they are to do some extra works out of their due works. As a banker is to deal with financial affairs, he is supposed to be more punctual and disciplined. His mainly look after others deposited money and with a lot of people. So, any kind of irresponsibility of a banker may result into great chaos and crisis in the bank. Thus, business, discipline, sincerity and punctuality are some inevitable virtues of a banker. Although bankers belong to middle class in the society, they have honor and simplicity in life. They never suffer from greed and basically they are sociable. For this reason I want to be a banker.

This is, in short, what I intend to become a banker in future. Please let me know about yours. I am so so, with thanks
Yours truly,
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