You too will cry after watching This.. 90% People Cry

Watch this video and share your experience right now. Yes is a very exception video if you understand its real meaning. Two special children build a beautiful relationship based on genuine care and understanding. On the eve of Hari Raya, these orphans, Ahmad and Fizi embark on a journey and encounter many challenges along the way. Through their perseverance and determination, they overcome all odds to fulfill their obligation of unconditional love.
Ok Just start to watch this video...
After watching this video some peoples says-
Midnight Mare1 :- First, A human experiences a strong emotion of sadness. If it is strong enough, tears form in their eyes. That is not the most scientific explanation, but that is how they cried (I think)

Alviano Halim:- i cried, i think i should listen to my mom more better 

Bangtan VminKook:- One can't speak well and one can't see this breaks my heart but they work hard to the boys mother

TheEpicFox45:- Oops wasn't watching I cried because I was forcing a butternut squash up my fucking anus and it hurt fuck it partially ripped my square but hole

Nikola Kaev:- you mean only 10 % of the people who watch this cry or i dont get it from the comment section why are so little people not crying including my self
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