Composition / Essay Writing on “Discipline”

Introduction: Discipline is a principle of obedience and the spirit of maintaining order. In other words, the rules which regulate human activities and conduct are called discipline. It makes a man obey the rules and mould his life according to the prevailing law and order.

Value of Discipline: The value of discipline is obvious is every walk of life. It regulates human conduct and prevents him from doing whatever he likes. It strengthens law and order in society. In order to keep peace and tranquility in the society discipline is must. It is the basis of all other virtue. For want of discipline a home cannot be a real home, a society cannot be a peaceful society, and a nation cannot be a strong and progressive one.
Discipline in Nature: Nature shows the shining example of the necessity of discipline. The sun, the moon, the stars, and the planets of the universe follow discipline strictly. Any breach of discipline here will bring about the total annihilation of the universe.

Necessity of discipline in different fields of life: Discipline is very important in every sphere of life. An army without discipline is a rabble. A society bereft of discipline is likely to plunge into chaos and anarchy. If the players in the playground do not obey the rules of the game and the order of the captain they are sure to lose the game. By observing discipline strictly the players can reach the higher of their glory. Discipline is absolutely necessary in strictly the players can reach the height of their glory. Discipline is absolutely necessary in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. No educational institutions can run and do well without discipline. Similarly, the students cannot learn anything good if they do not obey the rules of their institutions. Educational institutions are the best places to infuse the idea of discipline into the minds of students. A family without discipline is sure to suffer chaos and unhappiness. In different walks of our life we also find the necessity of discipline. For example, when we go to a market or to shop to by things or to a railway station to buy tickets, we often see large crowds. In such a situation, if everyone tries to get his thing first, there will surely be chaos and no one will get what he wants. If, on the other hand, they form a queue each of them will get his things without trouble.

Conclusion: Discipline is the root of all other virtues in our life. It is the secret of success. Life without it is like a ship without a rudder. Without it our life will be at hazards. Life which is not consistent with discipline is sure to ruin. So, all of us should be the staunch performer of discipline from the very beginning of life.
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