Jute - The Golden Fiber of Bangladesh (Essay or Composition Writing)

Jute - The Golden Fiber of Bangladesh
Introduction: Jute is a wonderful crop of the whole world. It is a kind of fiber. We get it from the bark of jute plant. It is the main cash crop of Bangladesh. This country earns a lot of foreign exchange by exporting jute and jute goods to the other countries of the world. So, it is called the golden fiber of Bangladesh. Really jute is our pride and our most valuable asset.

Where Grown: Jute grows well in the tropical countries having much rainfall and hot climate. Bangladesh is the real home for growing the best quality and much quantity of jute. She products about 80% of the gross production of jute in the world. Other countries that grow jute are India, Srilanka, Brazil and Indonesia. In Bangladesh it grows mostly in greater Mymensingh, Comilla, Faridpur, Pabna, Rangpur, and Rajshahi.
The Golden Fiber of Bangladesh
Climate and soil: Jute plants need a moist climate and swampy land for their growth. Bangladesh has much low land which goes under water during the rainy season. This swampy and low land of Bangladesh is highly suitable for the cultivation of jute.

Method of cultivation: The cultivation of jute is a difficult process. The land is ploughed, harrowed and manured well before sowing seeds. Generally the seeds are sown in March and April after a shower. When the plants grow up a little, the fields are weeded out for several times. In three to four months the plants are matured. The matured plants are then cut down and put into water where they are rotten. When they and dried in the sun. In this way the fiber of jute is obtained and made ready for sale and use.

Uses: Jute is used in making lots of things. It is generally used to make gunny bags, roped, carpets, coarse-cloths and mats. It is also used in making painter’s brushes, school bags, false hair and many other articles of domestic use. Jute stalks are used as firewood and fencing. Recently, they are used in making partex and paper. People eat its tender leaves as vegetables. Thus, jute is of great use to us. Our scientists are also trying to making it more useful for our benefits.

Conclusion: Jute is the golden fiber of Bangladesh. It is our national wealth and the nation, as a whole, is benefited by it. It is our valuable asset too. The prosperity and development of Bangladesh and her people depend to a great extent of flourishing of jute industry. Our golden fiber is really more precious than gold. It is a source of our national economy and prospect of Bangladesh.
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