Important English Letter Writing for JSC/SSC Examination (Part:02)

03. Write a letter to your friend telling him how you have prepared for the J.S.C/S.S.C Examination.
Vill: Hasim pur,
P.O: Harashpur
Dist: Dhaka,
The 29th May, 2013
My dear Z,
Your letter of the 10th instant has opened my eyes. I am really thankful to you for your query about my preparation for the ensuring JSC/SSC examination. I am happy to know that you are well prepared. I am sure; you will achieve a grand success in the examination. To be quite candid, I will not suppress anything from you. I have prepared myself fully for the examination. Only Allah knows what awaits me but I am confident of good results.

I have taken equal caution against each and every subject. I am hopeful of obtaining distinction marks in the major subject. I am hopeful of obtaining distinction marks in the major subjects- Particularly General math, English, Science subjects. Of late I have eliminated the deficiencies of both General math and English. Now I am awaiting the Examination with all steadinesses. 

Please convey my deep regards to your parents. With best love and wishes.

Yours ever,
To From
Name: Z
Vill: Potiadi
Post: Potia Bazar
Dist: Kishorgonj
Name: X
ill: Hasim pur,
P.O: Harashpur
Dist: Dhaka,
04. Write a letter to your father asking him to send some money for buying books.
Barisal Zilla School Hostel
The 22nd August 2012

My dear Father,
Your cheering note of the 15th instant is to hand. You have wanted to know the result of my Test Examination. You will be glad to know that I have stood first in the Test Examination in order of merit. I have secured distinction marks in aggregate. I hope I will do much better in the JSC/SSC Examination. Now I shall have to buy immediately a Test Paper and tow Test Papers’ made easy for which I am badly in need to Taka 500/-(Five hundred). So kindly send me the same amount at an early date. Pray to Allah for my success.

Please convey my best regards to my beloved mother and love to my younger brothers and sisters.
With best compliments.
Your affectionate son,
To From
Name: X
Vill: Hasnabad
Post: Kali Bazar
Dist: Madhabpur
Name: Y
Barisal Zilla School Hostel
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