English Letter Writing for J.S.C and S.S.C Exam (Part: 04)

07. Write a letter to your friend inviting him on the occasion of your birthday.
219/A. Babur Road,
27. 12. 2012
My Dear Mizan,
It gives me immense pleasure to let you know about my 15th day which is going to be held on December 31, 2012. My parents have arranged a tea party on the occasion. And as such some of my friends and relations have been invited to the function. You are also cordially invited to this function. My parents desire you most to attend the function scheduled to start at 4:30 p.m. at our own residence. Your absence will throw cold water into my rejoice.

Please don’t forget to attend the function in time. Your company will surely give me immense joy and cheer me up most.

With best wishes.
Yours ever,
To From
Name: Mizan
Vill: Baligachi
Post: Sadorthana
Dist: Sonamgonj
Name: Hasib
219/A. Babur Road,

08. Write a letter to your father telling him what you intend to do after S.S.C. Examination.

24/7, Green Road,
The 20th Feb, 2013
My Dear Arif,
Your cheering note is just to hand. It gladdens my heart that you have expressed you keen desire to know as to what I like to do after my S.S.C Examination. Let me write a few lines about it below.

There will be an ample time for me after my S.S.C Examination gets over. I have thought out a programme to spend this long leisure period. It is about some social works. I intend to devote my whole-hearted cooperation and energy to the welfare of the people of my village. I would like to educate them about sanitation, the users of sanitary latrines and the maintenance of cleanliness in day to day life.

By propagation the abuses of insanitary condition I would teach them the dangers of it and the diseases often suffered by them. I will show them how to construct sanitary latrines and how to use them. I will also teach, them how to keep down our population by following the family planning programme successfully. I will also teach the adults and give them knowledge of 3 R, S.

This is, in short, what I intend to do after my S.S.C. Examination. Please let me know about yours.
I am so so, with thanks
Your truly,
To From
Name: Arif
Vill: Nabigonj
Post: Nabigonj
Dist: Sylhet
Name: Hafiz
24/7, Green Road,
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