Paragraph writing on "Environmental Pollution"

Human environment consists of all things that are around us. Of them some objects are natural, like stones, trees, air and soil. Some objects are man made, like houses, cars, clothe and chemical. There are also many forces around us, like cyclones, earth quakes, volcanoes, storms and ocean currents. Most of the forces around us are natural; some, like electricity are man made. Like also exists under different conditions in different places. Climate and altitude are natural conditions, wealth and population densities, for example are man made conditions. Our total environment influences our lives and ways or living. So, we must be conscious about the dangers of polluted environment. 
Air is an important element of our environment. Clean air is essential for human life. But populated air is harmful to it. Men pollute air by their insensible activities. Smokes of all kinds are greatly responsible for air pollution. By inhaling polluted air are open become sick. We must do something to prevent air pollution. At first by suing gas and the safe cooker we may minimize smoke while cooking our food. Secondly, by prohibition all types of faulty vehicles that ply up in the streets we can reduce black smoke emitting from them. Thirdly, our mills and factories have to be set up outside our residential areas so that they cannot pollute our environment creating poisonous smoke. Above all, the enormous consumption of trees as fire wood has to be checked and more trees have to be planted for a forestation of the country. Water is another important element of our environment. It is essential for life. Like air water is also polluted in many ways. Sometimes mills and factories pollute water by throwing their poisonous chemicals and products into the rivers and canals. Sometimes human waste and filth form insanitary latrines and kutchha drains run into the water of the rivers and canals and thus pollute it. Again launches, streamers and boats pollute water by throwing out oil, food waste and human waste into the rivers. This polluted water as and when is used by men causes sickness and sometimes causes death. These kinds of environmental pollution gives rise to ecological imbalance and bring about natural disasters not in our country but also all around the world. Men living under polluted environment can never be healthy, wealthy and happy. So, we must ensure a clean environment for the sake of our happy life. It is the safety-case of our existence on the earth.

Note: S.S.C level students can write whole of this paragraph. J.S.C level student can be shorten this paragraph to learn it easily.
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