Jahangirnagar University MBA/EMBA Admission Program

Master of Business Administration (MBA) of Dhaka, Jagannath and Jahangirnagar Universities is very demand-able academic program for Bangladeshi students. Most of the business faculty’s students try to get admit in these universities. Generally students want to get a chance in EMBA program for some extra facilities. Now we are going to discuss about the Jahangirnagar University MBA and EMBA Admission Program.Curriculum of both is same. The program is regulated by Institute of Business Administration (IBA-JU).
The Master of Business Administration Program of Jahangirnagar University consists of 60 credit hours; simply we call it 20 courses 3 credit hour each. On the basis of trimester this course can be completed within 2 to 6 years. The duration of each trimester will be thirteen weeks. Students may get waiver of maximum 15 credit hours from the related academic background. This program of Jahangirnagar University is a nonresidential MBA program.

Minimun Requirement for Admission:
Eligibility of a candidate: In ordar to qualify as a candidate for the week end MBA program the applicant must satisfy the following requirements:

All appliants must have at least a Bachelor degree in any field of study. The minimum qualifying point is seven for all applicants. The point-based system is presented below in table:
Applicants who have taken the English Medium 'O Level' exam must need have passed at least 5 subject, with a minimum 'D'  grade in each of these subjects. Applicants who have taken the examination of  the 'A Level'  must have passed at least 2 subjects, with a minimum grade of 'D' in each of these subjects. Letter grades of 'O Level' and 'A Level' subjects are converted to the points of grade. The process is A=4, B=3, C=2 and  D for 1. The CGPA means Grade Point Average is calculated by averaging the grade points of the five best grades of 'O Level' and the two best grades of 'A Level'.
Bachelor degree in any discipline with minimun 6 pints (For the First Division=3, Second Division=2, Third Division=1,Grade Point Average 4=3, CGPA 3=2 and CGPA 2=1 point). Only one third Division is acceptable.
For all other certificates, equivelence will be determined by the designated committee of the Institute.Applicants with a score of 550 or more is GMAT (with minimum 30 percentile in verbal and 50 perentile in quantitative) may be exempted from the written test. However, they will be need to pass a viva-voce test.

Admission Test:
The admission examination for this MBA or EMBA program will comprise of a written test followed by a viva-voce exam. The duration of the written test will be 90 minutes. This exam aims to measure the analyical, linguistic,  and quantitative skill of a candidate. A successful candidate must pas both tests independently. Final merit list will be based on the scores of the written and viva-voce examinations.

Degree Requirements:
  1. The degree will be awarded after the successful completion of a maximum of 20 courses (60 hours). Msximum 5 courses can be waived based on the prvious academic recored of the student.
  2. Passing all of the required courses individually with at least 'D' grade and maintaining a minimum Cumulative Grade Poing Average (CGPA) of 205.
Major Areas of this program:
  • Marketing
  • Banking and Finance 
  • International Business
  • Development Management 
  • Human Resources Management 
  • Quantitative Business Analysis
  • Accounting and Information Systems
  • Management Information Systems 
Program Fees:
The total cost of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program of Jahangirnagar University includes computer lab fee, tuition fee, admission fee, registration fee per trimester and the seminar library fee. The total cost of this MBA Program varies depending on the student’s previous academic status. The cost is about Tk. 1, 36,000 to Tk. 1, 72,000.
Fee For Amount
Admission Tk 5000
Registration per Trimester Tk 3000
Seminar Library Tk 2000
Tuition per credit hour Tk 2400
Computer Lab Tk 3000

Program Structure:

Here is a previous circular of Jahangirnagar University MBA/EMBA program to understand the procedure clearly.

Contact Information:
Jahangirnagar University
Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh. 
Telephone: PABX: 880-2-7791045-51, 
Fax: 880-2-7791052
Website: www.juniv.edu
E-mail: wmba.iba.ju@gmail.com
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