Essay or Composition on "Your aim in life"

My aim in life
Introduction: The target of a ship is to reach the port, the aim of a book is to join the river and the goal of a river is to meet the sea. Similarly, every man should have a definite aim that determines his future career and helps him reaching the goal of life. It is the driving force in a man akin to aim in life. It is a great virtue and everybody should have it. If a man does not have any definite aim he cannot succeed in life.

Differences of taste and ambition:  Different persons have different aims in life. Somebody craves for honour, and high dignity in the society, somebody desires the power and somebody wants wealth. Again, somebody wants to be a doctor and so on. This choice of profession depends on one’s taste, aptitude and intensity of desire.
Choice of my profession: From my childhood I had a great regard for teaching profession. As such I had always cherished an intense desire in my mind for becoming a teacher. My father who is a school teacher has inspired me to take this teaching profession. He has often said that a teacher can give real service to his country through teaching. I have also got inspiration from my school teachers. Their inspirations have left an effect on me and I have come to believe that nothing can be nobler than to build up the character of the future generation. Another reason behind my choice is that profession of a teacher is noble and his life is a dedicated one. Moreover, 60% of our people have no light of education. And as such, they are suffering for ignorance. So, I want to give them the light of education and make them good citizens of the country. For all these reasons, I have decided to be a teacher. It reminds me of a Chinese proverb:
“If you plan for a year, sow a seed,
If you plan for a decade, plant a plant,
If you plan for a century, teach the people”.
How to fulfill my aim:
A) Preparation: To be a good teacher I wish to prepare myself first. I am now an S.S.C Examinee of Ram Kanai high academy. After passing the secondary school certificate (S.S.C) and H.S.C Examinations with credit I shall get myself admitted into a renowned University for Honours and Masters Degree. After having done Masters I shall finish the B.Ed and M.Ed. course to qualify myself as a good teacher.I shall also complete some training courses on teaching profession.

B) How I will serve the Country: When I have finished my course of studies, I like to join the High School located in my own village, where, I will render my best services to the society and the nation at large in teaching I shall vest my all out efforts to enkindle the light of learning in the minds of people.From my childhood I saw most of our villagers are not educated and they face various problems. I like to remove their present condition. I must help them teaching their children.

Conclusion: A man's real success in life greatly depends on his proper choice of career. My long cherished aim in life is to bring a desirable change in human behavior through education. I shall be happy and consider my work amply rewarded, if I can give them proper education and knowledge and make them good citizens of the country.
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