Courses (subjects) in Dhaka and Jagannath University for science group students

Dhaka University is considered as the number one public institution for higher education in Bangladesh. Jagannath University is also getting popularity for its geographical location. It is not so far from the Dhaka University. Many students get admitted in these universities every year. After finishing the Bachelor's degree they try to get a nice job. It is actually a long cherished of most of the Bangladeshi students.
Some courses of these universities are very demand-able in the present market place. So every student of science group should try to get one of those courses. Now it is common mistake that students cannot choose the required subject to study. In that case they can take help form their senior brothers. Here is the list of courses for science group students.
Courses (subjects) in University of Dhaka for science group students
Engineering & Technology 01. Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Computer Science & Engineering
02. Applied Physics, Electronics & Communication Engineering
03. Leather Engineering
04. Footwear Engineering
05. Nuclear Engineering
06. Leather Products Engineering
Pharmacy 01. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
02. Pharmaceutical Technology
03. Pharmacology
Biological Science 01. Microbiology
02. Fisheries
03. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
04. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology
05. Soil, Water & Environment
06. Botany
07. Psychology
Postgraduates Medical Sciences & Research
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Science 01. Physics
02. Chemistry
03. Mathematics
04. Statistics
05. Theoretical Physics
Courses (subjects) in Jagannath University for science group students
Faculty Department
Life and Earth Sciences 01. Pharmacy
02. Microbiology and Biotechnology
03. Botany
04. Zoology
05. Psychology
06. Public Health Science
07. Geography and Environment
Faculty of Science 01. Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
02. Physics
03. Chemistry
04. Mathematics
05. Statistics
For the perspective of Bangladeshi market place every students should keep the following courses as the first choice subject:- Computer Science & Engineering, Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Technology, Applied Physics, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Fisheries, Pharmacology, Chemistry.

But if you want to take higher study then fundamental courses are the best for this purpose. You may take Physics, chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Psychology etc. To study in university student should try to get their desired course. It may make you happy and gives a lot of pleasure in the study.
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