Composition / Essay on "The Rainy Season of Bangladesh"

The Rainy Season of Bangladesh
Introduction: Bangladesh is a land of verities of seasons. The rainy season is one of them. It comprises the Bengali months of Ashar and Sravan. After a long spell of hot weather the rainy season comes with her showers to cool the earth. This season is of paramount importance in an agricultural country like Bangladesh. It influences on our life and culture to a great extent.

Causes: The rainy season is caused by monsoon. The south west monsoon that blows in over Bangladesh from the Bay of Bengal brings much vapor with it. As a result, she receives a heavy rainfall during the monsoon.
The Rainy Season of Bangladesh
Description: During the rainy season the sky often remains cloudy with patches of black clouds that hover across the sky close to the earth surface. Violent blasts of wind blow. Lighting flashes and thunder roars. The sun remains hidden behind the clouds and it rains in torrents. Sometimes there is continuous downpour for days together. Then water overflows the banks of the rivers. The fields go under water and looks like a vast sheets of water.

Advantages: The rainy season undoubtedly does us immense good. The nature assumes a new appearance at the advent of rainy season. Trees and plants come into foliage. The landscape appears green. The rain water washes away the filth and purifies the surface of the earth. It lessens the intense heat of summer and simulates the growing of vegetation and crops. It makes our land alluvial, fertile and suitable for growing better crops. Hilsha and other fishes are available in this season. The rainy season facilitates the navigation system in the country and thereby fosters our trade and commerce. It also makes everything lively and the atmosphere becomes clean and free of dust.

Disadvantages: The rainy season no doubt does us much good. But it does not an unmixed blessing all the times. It has disadvantages too. During this season the roads at the country side become muddy and slippery and as such we cannot go from one place to another on foot easily. Sometimes heavy rainfall overflows the banks on the rivers and causes floods. Floods damage our crops; wash away the heads of our cattle, houses and properties. It also hampers our normal life.

Conclusion: The rainy season is the most important and useful of all the seasons in our country. This season is closely related to the economy of the country and prosperity of our people. Our agriculture mainly depends on it. It helps the natural to gain a new life. So whatever may be the disadvantages of the rainy season, this season is hailed by the people of Bangladesh. We always welcome this season and enjoy its beauty.
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