BCS Viva Voce Previous Questions Download

Preparation for the BCS Viva Voce and download Previous Questions
Viva Voce test is the third part of Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) examination. Download all the collections of BCS Viva Voce previous questions directly from the mediafire. Every candidate should take a conception about the BCS Viva Voce test. It plays an important role in the whole exam procedure. This test is directly related to the candidate’s aptitude, speaking style, basic knowledge and some physical qualities.

Therefore the questions of the BCS Viva Voce are not too much complicated. Sometimes it is very easy. At first teacher asks the questions which are directly related to the candidate. Questions may be related to personal, family, district, education etc. Here are the collections of previous BCS Viva Voce test questions.

Download BCS Viva Voce Previous Questions:
Just copy the above URL and past it taking a new tab. Download the zip file which is only 95 KB. Here are some tips to take preparation for the BCS Viva examination.
Preparation for the BCS Viva Voce Test
  • Read daily newspapers everyday 
  • Listen BBC or VOA international news
  • Try to know current national and international issues
  • Keep knowledge about you include birthday (bangla and English date), birth place history, own district details.
  • Published report of any organization related to Bangladesh on that year
  • Must remember your submitted information into BCS application form
  • Your own educational information such as school, college, university etc
  • Your university course and related famous person, issues etc
  • Try to solve too much basic math problems
  • Keep knowledge about the possible solutions of recent hot problems.
  • Know about the famous all things of Bangladesh include poets, prizes, books, film etc

BCS Exam Procedure:
Must  Remember:
The last part of BCS exam is the viva voce test carrying 200 marks. For this test, candidates must have a huge knowledge of almost "everything" of his or her country as well as the whole world. Candidates have to be very smart and tactful in their answers because, it is the final part for BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) cadre. The viva board of BCS Exam may ask questions on any current issues including the subjects he/she has studied in the under graduate or post graduate levels. Every question should be answered very carefully and strictly. Candidates should feel relaxed and should take the oral test calmly. Some candidates become needlessly anxious in the viva board. This causes a negative impact on the Bangladesh Civil Service viva board. Remember that a positive mood of the candidates is incredibly essential for a successful result in this stage of BCS Exam. At that day, candidate must put on a very formal and clean dress for the purpose.
Preliminary Questions Written Exam Questions Viva-Voce Questions
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