BCS Preliminary Previous Questions download

BCS Preliminary Previous Questions and Preparation
The first step of Bangladesh Public Service Commission’s BCS examination is the preliminary test. To take good preparation for this exam every candidate should take a look all the BCS preliminary previous questions. Download the total collections of the previous questions directly from the medifire. I have uploaded all the questions of BCS preliminary exam from 10th to 33rd. It is actually a zip file. After saving your in computer just unzip it. Right now we are focusing on the preliminary part of the BCS Examination. Everybody should know the subjects, categories of the questions and procedure of the preliminary test. We also discuss how to take well preparation for BCS Preliminary exam.
Bangladesh Public Service Commission
Subjects for preliminary Exam:
  • English
  • Bangla
  • General knowledge
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Bangladesh & International affairs
  • General science and technology
  • Everyday science & mental ability
BCS preliminary examination procedure:
  • Total mark of MCQ question: 100 numbers
  • For Correct Ans: 1 point
  • For 1 Wrong Ans: 0.50 point omit
  • Required Time: 1 hour
Download BCS Preliminary Previous Questions:
This is the download link. Just select the URL to copy it pressing ( Ctrl+C ) using the keyboard and paste it taking a new tab ( Ctrl+T ) in the browser. Then download all the questions of previous BCS preliminary  examination Bangladesh. Best of luck.

Preparation for BCS preliminary test:
It needs a very painstaking long-term preparation for Bangladesh Public Service Commission’s preliminary examination. Only reading some selected general knowledge books and guidebooks are not enough to take well preparation for this exam. BCS preliminary test must be taken seriously as this exam is the gateway to appear at the next stage of written exam. Generally this exam is designed including the following subjects: 

To do well in English part, very depth knowledge is required in various topics of English including, grammar, sentence completion, synonyms and antonyms. Knowledge in literature such as popular novel and novelists, poets, drama and dramatists is also required to do well in the English examination.

Mathematics part is not too much complicated of BCS examination. If anybody practices Mathematics of the secondary level of old and new syllabus then it is OK. If candidates want to take better preparation, English medium secondary level books must help them.

To take preparation in Bangla part, the candidates should study more in various topics in Bengali literature. The syllabus is actually huge. Everybody should try to take preparation dividing many parts of the syllabus. They should study deeply about history of Bangla literature, dramas, various short stories, poetry, grammar etc. S.S.C level Bengali text book must help then to take well preparation. Remember, Bangla Grammar is very important for BCS preliminary Bangla objective questions.

General knowledge:
For general knowledge there are no accurate suggestions. Every candidate should go through the daily newspapers regularly. You must get available books for general knowledge in the market. These are really helpful. Purchase one of them and try to study regularly.
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