Adult Education in Bangladesh

Education is the back-bone of a nation. An educated nation is always progressive. So the development of a country largely depends on its people. There is no limitation of age in learning. A man can be educated even towards the end of his life time if he has self-will. Adult education means education of the illiterate adults. The procedure of adult education is conducted by private organizations.

In Bangladesh, the rate of education is low. One of the main reasons of the decrepit rate of education in Bangladesh is the unconsciousness of the illiterate people. Because of their ignorance, they cannot encourage their children to be educated. As a result, the number of illiterate people is increasing day by day. This is not at all a good for the country. This hampers the social and economical progress of the country to a great extent. So to improve this condition, adult education is very necessary.
Adult Education in Bangladesh
The main objective of adult education is to increase the rate of education of the country. May, it also aims at removing probity of the illiterate families by making them conscious of their endangered existence.

To make this programme a success, all literate people of the country should come forward. The teachers of primary, secondary and higher secondary level of education can play effective roles in this mission. They can start night schools in their respective areas for the illiterate adults. The students of all institutions also have vital parts to play. Above all, the government of country should come to co-operate with the private organizations to spread the programme over the country. Yes, it is a matter of a hope that already Govt. of Bangladesh took some pragmatic steps to eradicate this problem.

Some effective measures have already been taken for adult education. Night schools have been set up. People are being encouraged. In rural areas, centers for adult education have been opened. So the illiterate adults of the country are gradually being educated and at the same time their social live is being improved.

So, to conclude, it can be said that adult education in Bangladesh is of greater importance. If the adults are educated, their children will be educated. And it is only when we can hope for a educated nation.
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