Admission Procedure of IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Project Bangladesh

I am going to write about the application, questions pattern, exam procedure, result publications and candidate selection process of IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship project Bangladesh. They take students three or four times in a year. Every period of student’s intake terms as a Round for example: Round - 29, 30, 31, 32, 33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40 etc. Only the Muslims students who have achieved the 4-year honours degree, pass course or Fazil degree are eligible for this IT Scholarship project. Diploma holders in Civil Engineering or Architecture can also apply for the IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship project. Applicants must have minimum 2nd second division equivalent results in their secondary school certificate (SSC) and HSC examinations.

There are seven IT professional  courses and one fundamental course are available in IDB-BISEW. These courses are world class and follow an international standard. The courses are: Computer Assisted Animation (ID-CAA), Enterprise Systems Analysis and Design -J2EE (ID-ESAD - J2EE), Architectural and Civil CAD (ID-ACAD), Web-presence Solutions & Implementations (ID-WPSI), Enterprise Systems Analysis and Design - C# .NET (ID-ESAD - CS), Networking Technologies (ID-NT), Database Design and Development (ID-DDD) and a common course Computer Fundamentals. I wrote an article about the Courses of IDB-BISEW IT scholarship project. Please check details here

How to apply: 
Candidates who have the above mentioned eligibility can apply for this project. The application procedure is very simple. At first you need to collect the application form. It is available in every branch of Bangladesh Islami Bank. You have to spend TK.100 to get a form. All other expenses would be provided by IDB-BISEW organization. Just fill up all the required options carefully. You can send this form directly by Courier Services such as Continental, Sundarban etc. IDB-BISEW will select candidates who are eligible for the aptitude test and they will send an SMS directly in your mobile phone indicating details about the examination.
Questions pattern:
You cannot collect any question of IDB-BISEW scholarship exam from anywhere. They do not allow bringing questions paper outside the examination hall. I have attended this scholarship project’s examination in the early of this year-2013 (Round-20). I can give a conception about the exam questions. The questions are based on Mathematics and English. If you follow the class six, seven, and eight mathematics book(arithmetic and geometric part) then I think it is enough. In the English part, you will see two passage and some MCQ questions from it. You will also need to answer 5/6 questions (fill in the blanks) from English grammar. You must take a preparation for grammar solution. I suggest reading Article, Preposition, Noun, Number and Gender part from any English Grammar book. If you follow this instruction then you are 100% fit for the Examination of IDB-BISEW scholarship project.

Exam and selection procedure:
Written Exam:
You need to face two exams for this IT scholarship project. One is Aptitude written Test and the other is Viva-voce. The written test in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) format and duration is 60 minutes. You will get  40 questions. 20 questions from English and 20 is from mathematics. There is no fail or pass marks. Only a percentile ranking method is used for choosing successful candidates. The aptitude test mainly seeks to evaluate a candidate’s problem solving abilities.

After passing this test candidates need to appear a Viva-voce test. It is actually not any examination. They will give you a form to fill up your personal and academic information. They will  check your previous exam's certificate such as S.S.C, H.S.C and Honours Mark Sheets and certifications. If all of your certificate papers are valid then you will be allowed for this scholarship project. IDB-BISEW publishes the exam results in their official website and a daily newspapers (Especially in the Daily Ittefaq, Janakantha etc ).

Please Note: If you are a candidate and need to know any other information about "IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship project" visit their official website[] or feel free to contact with us.
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